NEW- August 2013 WingSport Depot Expands Into

The WingSport Depot has purchased the Beaver Creek Duck Ranch Property located in Waurika, Oklahoma​​. This exclusive duck property is found just 90 minutes from both the Dallas / Fort Worth & Oklahoma City Metropolitan area's. Our new waterfowl impoundment area features the finest duck and waterfowl habitat along with a combination of controlled water structure levees and flooded timber that attracts the ducks in numbers.
Stay tuned for more details on the Beaver Creek Duck Ranch or call us today.

Guided Duck Hunt's Private / Public Water
​​​There are about 60 acres of open land which is planted annually with supplemental food crops such as corn, sorghum, chufa or Japanese millet. Other portions of the impoundment produce a variety of natural foods such as smartweed, panic grasses, tearthumbs and asiatic dayflower. Oak trees on the slopes around the impoundment drop their acorns into or near the water and waterfowl utilize them.

The principle species of waterfowl harvested are wood duck, teal, mallard, pintail, widgon, gadwall, hooded mergansers, occasional canvasback. Canada, snow, and specked bellied geese also sometimes come into this area.

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