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The Wing Sport Depot News July 2012:

We’d like to start by thanking our long line of guests that hunted with us in the 2011-12 season. The drought withstanding, and a wildfire that cut one our property to pieces; we had a great hunts season. Dove season started with a bang as our first group hunt on opening day produced limits for everyone with triple digit total numbers. Too our surprise we harvested about 40% white wing dove (not that common for our area), and had some bonus collared dove added into the mix. The balance of the season was good at our northern fields near good water and sunflowers. Many of our group hunts added in our catered field lunch option that blew them away (literary High winds one day). Early teal season was a bit difficult with such low water levels but after a couple of days in the field we locked into the birds and had pretty good success most days. Regular duck season turned out very good as we located plenty of birds and many of our guests shot their first time species (Blue Wing Teal, Green Heads, Wood Ducks, Pintails) with a few that ended up being mounted. Check our photo Gallery out to see some awesome pictures and the variety. We had to travel a bit more to get on the ducks, an find water holding the birds as they passed on south rather quickly. We even offered up some very memorable boat rides that a few guests will not soon forget (LOL). But over all we had just and outstanding waterfowl season with Mike and I having few opportunities to get out and do a little hunting along the way as well.

Our quail season turned out better that we hoped for after getting hit with a wildfire in late September. Once the temp's stated to drop a little the birds flew great. Many of our guest commented that it was the best quail hunting they have ever had and the hunt reminded them of quail hunting as a kid (lots of bird flying hard behind great dog work). But we can't talk about quail hunting and not mention our best employee’s (Ben, DOT, Cookie, Kit, and our newest staffer Duke) They worked hard for all of our guests, and we wanted to give a special thanks to our K-9 companions. Now they did get into a little trouble a few times, let’s just say we had a couple of stinky passengers. As for the shooting we were very blessed that we had a very safe and bountiful quail season with the average group of three hunters bagging 40+ birds and the top groups scoring more than 75. All in all we had such a great quail season.

Mike and I both feel that last season was successful mainly due to all the new friends we made along the way. We hope that you will come out and hunt with us again this year.

What new with The WingSport Depot in 2012
We have secured much new hunting property with most located near Henrietta, Texas about 20 minutes from our old land in Bowie, Texas. We have lots of new quail land and 7 new private Duck Hunting ponds that we are very excited about. Our new Dove properties total over 1,700 acres.

With our new land we are now offering lodging packages with more than 20 cabins and cottages (See our new Lodging tab located on our home page). Two of our new properties have a newer Best Western within 5 min. of the property as well with a local restaurant that is As Good As it Get (no that's the name of the place) and it is as we have been eating there for years (fair warning: if you want to eat there on Sunday make sure you beat the church crowd, because I think the whole town shows up)