Our Quail Hunting Ranch                     is located outside of Henrietta, Texas

Come out and enjoy a Texas tradition. Our half day or full day liberated quail hunt is as close as you can get to a wild quail hunt. We are different from other upland game bird operations because: 

We have spent years perfecting a quail hunting experience that offers our guests hard flying bob white quail behind outstanding dogs. Our liberated quail act and fly just like wild birds. We don't dizzy our birds, and we don't have imposed limits because we do things different. We release birds months before the season starts and continue to release birds throughout the season. On the day of your hunt we release 25 additional bird per hunter directly into the areas we are hunting. This system was found to emulate wild quail hunting because the mix of liberated and newly released birds are less predictable than planted birds. We raise the birds from day old chicks and limit contact close to zero and provide large flight pens with grass and we feed or birds on the ground.

-Our birds are not dizzied up. 
-No bag limit fee's
-Bird Cleaning Included
-Private Hunting for your Party
-Clay Warm-up Included (when requested)
-Fully Guided (Seasoned Pointing Dogs Included)
-Your Dogs are welcome

We liberate our flight conditioned birds well in advance in perfect quail habitat.

Keep yourself and dog tuned up with quality hunts just 1.2 hours from the DFW area.

We are close by and we promise a great hunt.

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We make it easy to have outstanding quail hunts on your property. This is a truly unique program designed for the avid quail hunter that wants to re-establish or supplement existing wild bird population.
To begin, we conduct quail population surveys, evaluate current habitat and make recommendations for improvement. During the hunting season, we supply hearty flight conditioned birds in flight pens on your property, and all of the equipment necessary to restore a huntable population of quail on your property.
The package includes:
Flight conditioned birds, Flight Pen, Feeders,Watering Station

Call or e-mail for a quote and to reserve equipment.
Quail Management Programs
-Survey on wild population
-Habitat Evaluation
-Short term and long term planning
-Contract land/game management programs
-Quail reintroduction programs
-Quail feeding programs

Special Note: This program is custom designed to meet each clients needs. Please give us a call and we will provide a free quote.

Texas Quail Hunts
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Why are our Birds are Better?

Our birds are better because they are raised in a natural habitat and receive regular flight conditioning. The birds are raised in large flight pens with minimum human contact. The flight pens include native grasses, grains and brush piles to simulate loafing cover. Our birds are fed natural grains on the ground with cover crops which mimics their natural habitat. 

Guided and Unguided Quail Hunting​​


Quail quail guides Flight pen
Quail Re-Stocking Program
 Quail Hunts Delivered To   Your Ranch / Lease
Do you have hunting land, but no quail, or low numbers of quail?
We can help with this hunting package designed to deliver a professional hunt to your property. YES - Hunt large numbers of covey's on your own land. The WingSport Depot will provide a first class quail hunt: flight conditioned birds, along with pointing dogs, and guides. After we leave you can continue to hunt the birds released and not harvested.

We customize each hunt for you, we consider the size of your hunting property, and the number of  hunters in your party, and recommend a program that will meet your overall requirements. 

The WingSport Depot Delivers in Texas and Southern Oklahoma
-Flight Conditioned Quail Basic Package includes 20 quail/hunter
-Fully Guided Hunt (Bird Release and Hunt )
-Seasoned Pointing and Retrieving Dog's (Your Dog's are welcome) 
-Bird Cleaning Service
-Half (1/2) day or Full day rates avaliable

This hunting experience is great for-
-Late season or after deer season (Have fun quail hunting with your camp buddies)
-Group or Family Hunts in Private
-Corporate  Clients (Private and Controlled) 
-Dog and Kid Training

It's like having your own private game preserve for the day.
This package is only available during Quail and Pheasant season (NOV.-FEB.) due to state laws.

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